Vision Insurance


There are numerous issues that can affect the health and wellness of your eyes. Despite the importance of proper vision care, however, most health insurance policies don’t include vision coverage. When you want to do right by your eyes and your overall health, the right insurance policy can keep you covered.

Vision Insurance Benefits:

From routine checkups on a regular basis to assisting with the cost of glasses and contact lenses, a comprehensive vision plan can be the protection your family deserves. 

While plan costs and coverage options vary from insurer to insurer, most policies include basic measures like:

· Annual eye exams

· Flexibility with eye doctors and facilities

· No waiting periods

· Prescription drug and treatment plans

· Contact lenses, glasses lenses, and frames

· Specialty lenses

· LASIK surgery and other procedures

Access To Trusted Vision Insurance Providers

At Alliance Benefit Advisors, we realize that one size doesn’t fit all. We’re extremely knowledgeable in vision care and available plans,. We can guide you through the selection process, helping you to negotiate premiums, and secure coverage that will keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

Whether you know what you need or you’re still considering your options, we can provide support and guidance. Contact 980-272-0374 for your free vision insurance quote!