Supplemental Insurance

Enhance your Insurance with Accident and Critical Illness Supplement Insurance


Your health insurance doesn’t cover what it used to. In today’s world, you need “insurance for your insurance.”

To help reduce the sting of a surprise medical expense, supplemental health insurance can cover bills for accidents and critical illnesses that your health insurance deductible doesn’t pay for, such as injury from an unexpected accident or a cancer diagnosis. That means the first medical bill you receive due to injury or a critical illness could be covered up to the specific amount of the policy selected. Supplemental insurance is great for individuals and families with a high deductible health plan, helping alleviate worry over paying for large medical expenses that are your responsibility.

Supplemental insurance is not a new concept, but it is not as well known as individual health insurance, life insurance or other types of insurance coverages that protect individuals from catastrophic debt, should the unexpected occur.

Supplemental insurance pays for accidental bumps, bruises and illnesses not covered by standard health insurance plans due to high deductibles that require individuals to pay thousands out of their own pockets before the insurance company begins to foot the bill.

Who is the best candidate for supplemental insurance?

With health insurance deductibles rising, millions can benefit from having the protection of a supplemental health insurance policy.