Alliance Benefit Advisors provides online payroll, outsourced payroll processing, tax processing services and insurance services to small and mid-sized businesses nationwide. We have a wide variety of businesses who use our payroll expertise and cloud based payroll software platform to pay their employees and meet tax compliance needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your payroll and insurance and time & attendance needs.


Payroll Services

Our payroll software platform and service options are flexible to meet your specific needs. When it comes to payroll, one size does not fit all, and we make sure yours fits just right.  Spend less time on administrative tasks and spend more of your valuable time on building your business. Our straightforward and affordable pricing lets you know exactly what your monthly costs will be.

  • Automatic tax processing
  • Flexible schedules
  • Pay Cards
  • Direct deposit for your employees
  • Digital pay stubs emailed directly to your employees

Insurance Services

Quality health care insurance is an important benefit for you and your employees. Finding the right health insurance shouldn’t be a chore. We provide insurance to individuals and members of formal groups, such as employees of a firm, or members of an association. Because every group is different, the Health Insurance Agency takes the time to evaluate all of your needs, and identify the very best plan for your group. We are experts at helping you find the optimum balance of plan benefits and premiums that will fit your budget, and those of your employees as well.

Your Business Is Our Business

We develop strategies for both business and individual clients. Our staff understands your insurance and payroll needs. It's our business to set-up systems and procedures to help you get things done. We will work hard and long hours when needed to help you tackle your most pressing insurance and payroll needs.